CPM is a non-profit educational corporation managed and staffed by middle school and high school teachers. Teachers work collaboratively with university professors to produce classroom materials and support teachers who use them with professional development. Use the links at left to access resources to help your student with her/his course. There is also considerable information about the research base of CPM courses and the approach to learning they employ.

Parent Tips of the Week

Week 2

CPM offers resources for parents and students at its website www.cpm.org. You might find it useful to take a look at the following sections:
In the Learn About CPM section, you will find an introduction to CPM, more information about the program, research supporting the program, and more information about the curriculum.

In the Student Support section, you will find help with homework, resource pages that connect to the lessons, links to technology, and extra practice problems.

In the Parent Support section, there are suggestions of ways to help your student, parent guides to lessons, and tips for learning. There are also videos of students in the classroom that will give you an idea of what your child's math class might look like. If you have questions about CPM, an excellent resource is at http://www.cpm.org/support.


New curriculum and technical support available
Three CPM mentor teachers are now available to help parents, students and teachers who have questions about the CPM program. This support is primarily for questions about using the program, its technology and the website. To use CPM's support service, go to http://www.cpm.org/support to see the available services. Follow the prompts to get help. Note that this service is not a "homework helpline." That support is at http://homework.cpm.org.

The CPM mentors are:
Middle grades courses: Susan Hoffmier, Auburn, CA
High school core courses: Melissa Thomley, Madison, WI
Transition to college courses: Sarah Morrison, Glendale, CA

Parent e-book licenses are now available! Parents may purchase a one-year e-book license of their student's book for $10 by calling CPM and using a credit card. See order form for a complete list of available one-year licenses. Contact CPM at (209) 745-2055.