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Technology Resources by Course

Core Connections, Courses 1-3

Dear Students:
On this page, you will find links to the various technology tools referenced in the Core Connections courses. To jump to the table of tools, click the appropriate course:
Course 1 | Course 2 | Course 3

Tools for other platforms are continually being developed and updated, so be sure to visit this page regularly!

The CPM Team

Note: Many of the tools provided below require specific applications or software to be installed on your computer for correct operation. Please verify these applications are up-to-date and installed properly before attempting to access these tools.

Core Connections, Course 1
1.1.3 Dot Pattern 1-15: Tile & Dot Tool (Java)
Dot Figures (HTML5)
1.1.4 Video of Frog Jumping Contest video (3'22; includes rules of contests) (YouTube)
1.2.4 Multiplication Table 1-75 (Java)
2.2.1 Pattern Blocks 2-22 (HTML5)
2.2.3 Base Ten Blocks 2-39 (HTML5)
3.2.2 Frog Race 3-99 (QuickTime video)
Area Decomposer Area Decomposer (Flash)
6.2.5 Algebra Tiles Demonstration Tool Algebra Tile Demo (Flash)
9.1.1 Cube Cutting Demonstration video (QuickTime video)
Algebra Tiles (HTML5)
Base Ten Blocks (HTML5)
Stat/Grapher Tool (HTML5)

Core Connections, Course 2

1.1.5 Investigating Number Patterns video (QuickTime Movie)
1.2.5 Rewriting Fractions video (QuickTime Movie)
2.1.1 Long Division video (QuickTime Movie)
2.2.1 Acrobat Number Line Acrobat Number Line (Flash)
8.3.3 Learning the Tools
Constructing Triangles
Constructing Quadrilaterals
8-82 (intro) (Java)
8-82 (a) (Java)
8-82 (b) (Java)
9.1.2 Circle Area Approximation Tool Circle Area Approximation (Flash)
Algebra Tiles (HTML5)
Base Ten Blocks (HTML5)
Stat/Grapher Tool (HTML5)

Core Connections, Course 3

1.1.2 Problem 1-10 1-10 (Flash)
1-10 m (mobile version) (Flash)
1.1.4 Problem 1-24 Newton's Revenge (Flash)
5.2.3 Pan Balance for Expressions Pan Balance for Expressions (Java)
6.1.1 Key-Lock Transformation Key-Lock Transformations (Flash)
6.1.2 Transformation Demonstration Triangle Transformation (Flash)
7.2.1 Assembly line video video (YouTube)
8.2.3 Demonstration of very small measurements (negative exponents) How Big is a ... ? (Java)
Powers of Ten (HTML5)
9.1.2 Angle Sum Theorem Angle Sum Theorem (Flash)
9.2.6 Pythagorean Theorem Proof video (QuickTime Movie)
10.2.3 Volume of a Pyramid video (QuickTime Movie)
10.2.4 Volume of a Sphere video (QuickTime Movie)
Algebra Tiles (HTML5)
Base Ten Blocks (HTML5)
Stat/Grapher Tool (HTML5)