Welcome to the teacher section of the CPM website. Here you will find information about the professional development support that CPM offers, both funded and fee-based. There are links to various resources that support the core curriculum, as well as course and classroom management resources. In addition, there is background information about how the courses were created and some of their research-based principles. You will also find information about Common Core and individual state standards. Finally, handouts that have been created for conference sessions are available. They address numerous topics, and many ideas can be used in any classroom.

    Teacher Tip of the Week

    Week 3

    Remember to keep parents informed and involved whenever and however possible. If your school does an open house or back-to-school night, this is a perfect time to do a problem that shows the understanding of a topic familiar to them. This is critical. Hopefully they will then say, "Why didn't they teach it to us this way?" If you don't have a means of meeting parents face-to-face, creating a brochure or simple note describing your class and the available CPM resources is a great way to get out information. Simply adding the cpm.org website link to any general correspondence will remind parents where to go for answers to many of their questions.

    One idea to improve communication is to enlist your students' help by sending home one problem related to the class work you have been working on with the assignment for each student to explain their work to his or her parent. Ask for parent feedback in the form of a short response to a few questions on the concept and a summary of the explanation given by their child.

    Remember that the Parent Guide is an excellent resource for parents who want to follow along with what is happening in class or to work with their child on a specific concept. The Math Notes boxes in the text and CPM Homework Help also offer support for parents who wish to help with homework.

    Finally, remember the parent portal at cpm.org that contains a great deal of valuable information. Don't wait for misinterpretations or misconceptions about CPM to develop. Be proactive and positive from the start.

    Changing Math: Parent's Roles


  • Discuss with your children the importance of mathematics for their future.
  • Instill in them the idea that they can learn mathematics.
  • Encourage your children to study and take notes.
  • Ask questions about what they are doing in class.
  • If your son or daughter asks for help, ask them questions that will lead to their figuring out how to do the problem themselves.
  • Be aware of current research about learning mathematics.


Please read the Principles of Assessment here.

CPM August 2014 Newsletter "News You Can Use"

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Conference Handouts and Resources

View sample course problems and handouts from CPM presentations here.

New curriculum and technical support available

Three CPM mentor teachers are now available to help parents, students and teachers who have questions about the CPM program. This support is primarily for questions about using the program, its technology and the website. To use CPM's support service, go to http://www.cpm.org/support to see the available services. Follow the prompts to get help. Note that this service is not a "homework helpline." That support is at http://homework.cpm.org.

The CPM mentors are:
Middle grades courses: Susan Hoffmier, Auburn, CA
High school core courses: Melissa Thomley, Madison, WI
Transition to college courses: Sarah Morrison, Glendale, CA

Common Core State Standards Informational meetings -

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CPM web-based e-books are now available for all Connections courses

(Core Connections teacher editions will all come with an e-book license as a part of the new TE bundle.)
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Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

CPM now offers a new series of textbooks to meet the grade 6-8 and high school CCSS content and practice standards: Core Connections, Courses 1 - 3 and Core Connections Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry. Learn how this series as well as the original Connections series of CPM textbooks are fully aligned with the CCSS Content and Mathematical Practice Standards. CPM can also provide professional development centered around embedding the eight CCSS Mathematical Practices into your current lessons and current textbook from any publisher. Start moving on the path to the CCSS today!

CPM offers supplemental booklets for schools that currently use any of the Connections courses that align them with the CCSS content standards.

Homework Help

CPM provides online homework help at the CPM website.