Welcome to the teacher section of the CPM website. Here you will find information about the professional development support that CPM offers, both funded and fee-based. There are links to various resources that support the core curriculum, as well as course and classroom management resources. In addition, there is background information about how the courses were created and some of their research-based principles. You will also find information about Common Core and individual state standards. Finally, handouts that have been created for conference sessions are available. They address numerous topics, and many ideas can be used in any classroom.

    Teacher Tip of the Week

    Week 18

One way to start a new year (calendar or school), semester or chapter is to make a commitment and concerted effort to try something new. If you have not used teams consistently, make a commitment to do so. If you have not used team roles, try them. If you have not used a study team strategy, try one.

An easy place to start is with Reciprocal Teaching. Have each student find a partner (it could be their elbow partner or someone from another team). One member of each pair pretends that the other was absent and explains something that they learned today. Then have the partners switch roles. This is great for vocabulary review. When teaching someone else, students are able to consolidate their thinking.

You have established good classroom norms from the very beginning, but you must continue to revisit them throughout the year. Remember:

  • Have a team member read the problems aloud to the team.
  • Circulate. Circulate. Circulate.
  • Face the class as much as possible when talking with a team. If it is a quick check-in, it is ok to have your back to the class, but if a team is going to need a minute of guidance, position yourself in such a way that you can still see the class.
  • Get down at eye level to communicate.
  • Talk to the whole team even if only one student appears to need help.

    S - Start promptly.
    P - Peer support expected within each team.
    A - Assignments due each day.
    R - Respond to teams rather than individuals.
    C - Circulate. Circulate. Circulate.


Parent Support

One-year eBook licenses are now available! Parents may purchase a one-year eBook license of their student's book for $10 through our e-Commerce website. Parents – order your student's book here! Parents may purchase their student's book through our e-Commerce website.

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Three CPM mentor teachers are now available to help parents, students and teachers who have questions about the CPM program. This support is primarily for questions about using the program, its technology and the website. To use CPM's support service, go to http://www.cpm.org/support to see the available services. Follow the prompts to get help. Note that this service is not a "homework helpline." That support is at http://homework.cpm.org.

The CPM mentors are:
Middle grades courses: Susan Hoffmier, Auburn, CA
High school core courses: Melissa Thomley, Madison, WI
Transition to college courses: Sarah Morrison, Glendale, CA

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CPM now offers a new series of textbooks to meet the grade 6-8 and high school CCSS content and practice standards: Core Connections, Courses 1 - 3 and Core Connections Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry. Learn how this series as well as the original Connections series of CPM textbooks are fully aligned with the CCSS Content and Mathematical Practice Standards. CPM can also provide professional development centered around embedding the eight CCSS Mathematical Practices into your current lessons and current textbook from any publisher. Start moving on the path to the CCSS today!

CPM offers supplemental booklets for schools that currently use any of the Connections courses that align them with the CCSS content standards.

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